To be an ‘ally’, in ancient French times, referred to a mutually beneficial pact, often for warfare.

In the modern day, business is often like warfare and the whole world is a battleground.

We are MediAllianz, a perfect grid of intersecting energies, networks and technologies out to back a winning battle. We are a team of skilled, passionate digital media enthusiasts seeking gratifying work in the digital universe. With a combined experience of over 18 years in online marketing, media, operations and technology, our team offers clients a cross-section, clear view of the game.

While we love staying ahead of the trend curve, and sometimes end up setting them, our singular focus of providing high ROI to our clients remains constant. After having experienced the best and worst of technology companies individually in the past decade, MediAllianz is our independent venture – and it is here to stay.

Aiming not only to run effective digital marketing campaigns but also to measure and report them with utmost accuracy and transparency, we are set to raise benchmarks of the evolving industry.

On another note, we are the allies any team would want on their side in a battle.