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Digital Advertising  

Tapping the power of the inter-webs to market your brand, products or persona isn’t a push-button process. The toolbox called digital marketing is multi-faceted and inter-linked. To unravel its tools and employ them at the right time and place is a matter of expertise.

MediAllianz offers you all that there is under the digital advertising umbrella.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 

Google Adwords

One of the most powerful tools of the internet, Google Adwords provide are an incomparable platform to reach out to target audiences. As web users search with key words, phrases or browse sites related to your business, your ads appear right before their eyes. With a relevant bidding system, the advertiser is charged only when users click the ad.

Social Media

Facebook Ads

The largest social network in the world is the most fertile ground for advertising. Facebook’s processes allow advertisers to exactly target the users they want to notice the brand message – by adding filters of age, region, interests and more. Our experts are equipped in crafting Facebook campaigns such as:

  • Promoted Page Posts
  • Text ads to boost Page Likes
  • Clicks to Your Business Website
  • Website Conversions
  • App Installations
  • Special Offers
  • Video Views
  • FBX/Re-Targeting

Mobile Advertising

Mobile App Promotion

With the number of smartphone owners growing even as you read this, creating and promoting mobile applications is of utmost important for several brands. We’ll get the word out for your application or service, get user reviews and create an enviable buzz.

Performance Marketing

We are marketers first, digital enthusiasts later. Our talents help you align your marketing goals with the tools of digital advertising and use social networks to give your campaigns the reach they deserve.

Multicultural Advertising

Being frogs in a well isn’t our game, for success comes only to those who venture out and test new frontiers. Our friends, partners and associates across the world, especially in the US, UK and Canada, help us create a multicultural marketing ecosystem.

The campaigns that would come out, would resonate with ethnicities, creating higher engagement, greater performance and of course, top satisfaction for you and your customers.

If niche audiences in select international markets are your target, let our precise optimisation processes provide you with increased ROI.