What is So-Se-Mo?

Our way of saying So-cial, Se-arch and Mo-bile. Pretty much the arsenal of the digital marketing army. Social media, search engines and mobile marketing are at the heart of every digital media campaign.

 Does your business need it?

In the age of multiple social networks, ever-evolving internet penetration and perennially changing consumer behaviour, conventional mediums such as print or TV might not be as impactful. A global study by Nielsen found the impact of all marketing activity (through conventional media) over a three-month period as just ‘9 cents per every dollar spent.’ But the same report quoted the return for digital advertising to be $2.19, a whopping return of 118 percent! Whether your business is under the e-commerce umbrella or is a standalone store in a big city or a supply-from-home model, we don’t see any reason why it does NOT need so-se-mo marketing.

 How do we achieve high levels of optimisation

Simply put, we put the decades of our combined industry experience into practice. Our digital domain experts have worked on hundreds of campaigns with a cross-section of marketing goals with varying successes. When it comes to pricing a text ad or setting a budget or seeking the clicks to your page, we get the most out of it.