Mediallianz is a freshly minted digital media firm serving Asia, UAE, North American and Canada markets, but the team running it is well-seasoned with industry experience. Updated, always-on-the-ball and sharp, the ‘mediallianzers’ come from diverse backgrounds in the digital and marketing domains. The top management has had extensive stints in traditional and digital media at top firms of India and the US.

Today, the team’s expertise lies in strategic campaign planning and execution, designing and executing social media adverts and integrating all-round marketing solutions with digital platforms. Lower down the structure, the team comprises of passionate digital engineers, designers and marketing experts.

With over 18 years of combined digital media experience across leading Internet companies, our team focuses on T3 approach to provide effective, profitable results to our partners and clients. Also inside the realm of technology, we have partnered with trusted service providers of various kinds to help us serve our clients with complete efficiency.