Enough of paying high margins on Marketplaces

With your e-commerce website,

  1. You own your data
  2. There's no risk of account closure
  3. Provide loyalty programs to retain and nurture your current users
  4. You have unlimited selling opportunities
  5. You don't need to pay the high margins of marketplace platforms

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Why is an e-Commerce website useful to you?

The Indian E-commerce industry is expected to surpass that of US by 2034.

India's e-commerce market's expected sales in 2021 is US$ 56.6 billion- NASSCOM

According to Forrester Research, Indian e-commerce sales rose by ~7-8% in 2020.

The India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ 350 billion by 2030.

Why create an ecommerce website?

High Margins of Marketplace platforms

When selling on marketplaces, the seller has to part away with some margin which can increase or decrease depending on the buying power of the marketplace which impacts the margin of the goods or services being sold.

Unlimited Marketing Opportunities

On your website, you can try to upsell and cross-sell products and services and can also create a partnership with some other brands for marketing opportunities.

Brand Experience

When a brand or seller has their website, they can deliver the experience they want their customers to have. They can deliver brand imagery, brand messages, etc.

About Us

Mediallianz is a Digital Marketing Advertising & Website Development Agency. We not only call ourselves a digital agency but also an ethical agency. Our strong belief is that it's important to stay sustainable and ethical as we care about our clients and the impact they can have. Our strong background in digital media combined with our infinite curiosity is core to who we are. We have a genuine interest in discovering stories and helping brands move up.

Why us?

Outgrow Your Competition

Businesses are growing, so shall yours. We create websites by considering growth and scalability.

Websites That Perform On Any Device

Websites created by us are mobile optimized, which helps you to make the most of today's mobile oriented ecosystem.

We Not Only Create, But We Also Help You Sell

We not only create you an impressive website, but we also assist you with your internet marketing goals.

Optimize And Evolve Your Site For Your Users

Once you start earning with your e-commerce site, we determine what changes the site needs to sell more!

Our Work

Our Process

Understand & Ideate

We understand & work out the best solutions to your requirements

Consult & Build

We guide you and build robust & secure apps that help you meet your Business Goals

Analyze & Optimize For Growth

We track, analyze and A/B test your landing pages to help you identify what works best for your Marketing campaigns