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With an aim to satisfy various customers’ demands and to provide a cutting edge in finding the right digital marketing platform, we now extend our services with Amazon Marketing Services. Apart from several other services our dedicated wing as an Amazon Marketing Agency will help you get the best return on your marketing investment.

Advertising with Amazon advertising platform can help you grow awareness of your brand and reach shoppers searching for products like yours. With Amazon advertising cost-per-click advertising, one can manage their amazon advertising campaigns with Campaign Manager tools and reports. An individual can see how much they’re spending for clicks on their ads, amazon ad performance, target keywords shoppers are using, and measure the impact of the campaigns.

One can adjust the amazon ad budgeting and amazon ad bidding at any time to test what’s working well, and to test new keywords. Also, as an E-commerce marketing agency, we drive more online visibility to your products as we shall utilize tools and technology to create remarketing campaigns to drive profitable customer acquisition.

While there are many different ways to leverage these offerings, Amazon Marketing Services in Mumbai presents the best opportunity for advertisers to drive brand sales. It gives you the ability to serve ads to people ready to buy, searching for a related product, with their credit card already out. Talk about bottom of the funnel. It’s time we invest and leverage right channels to suit the next generation demand in online and offline shopping.

What is Amazon Marketing?

Amazon Marketing Services is a self-service advertising answer for keywords focused on advertisement campaigns. Accessible to virtually all seller brands, Amazon online marketing services offer businesses the capacity to tailor their Amazon advertisement programs to show up where potential clients are likely to see them.

It is a bunch of activities to promote and sell items on Amazon and incorporates: Amazon SEO – Optimizing item pages to improve their visibility in Amazon's natural indexed lists. Amazon Advertising means to use local Amazon advertising arrangements to promote brands and items.

Amazon Account Management

Amazon Account Management

Get your Amazon Account Managed by Our Experts

The Amazon stage seems to be overwhelming, and you're unsure how to get your products listed, ad placements, how to do amazon advertising strategy and get more eyes on your products. With our professional, seasoned, and friendly experts, you can save time and make more money. You must exercise caution when using the seller-central dashboard, as the details you enter here will be available to your customers. We provide Amazon account management services to ensure that your account is kept up to date. We also keep track of your Amazon ad analytics like Amazon ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) ratings, performance reports, and make suggestions to improve your account as needed.

Our Amazon Vendor Central Consultant is well-versed in Amazon marketing services. They understand how to make the most of marketing resources, such as listing Sponsored Amazon Ads, handling and processing bulk inventory orders, and so on. Our Consulting experts have solid hands-on experience and knowledge in everything from new item development to product listing optimization, high-quality content/video/image creation, managing and processing orders/returns, amazon ad optimization and enhancing brand awareness to improve conversion figures.

Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Product Listing

We help to Plan & Optimize Your Product Listing

Amazon accounts for more than one-third of all e-Commerce revenues in the United States, and it is so useful that many companies make the majority of their income exclusively by selling on Amazon. You cannot afford to be complacent about your status as an Amazon seller as the number of entrepreneurs using this online sales platform grows by the day. This is because if you do all of the work on your own, the market will begin to eat into your client base. Do the best and outsource the rest. By outsourcing Amazon Product Uploading Services you can improve your profitability.

Mediallianz is your one-stop Amazon marketing agency in India for high-quality upload/listing of Amazon product services. We have vast work experience that you would like to outsource, such as product upload, bulk product upload, information input, inventory management, etc. We also offer optimization services and bulk upload services for Amazon Product Listing.

Amazon Bidding Strategy

Amazon Bid Strategy

Let us to optimize your Bid to get better conversion

Amazon bidding is continually evolving and it can be truly stressful work to keep up with the new CPC and PPC patterns. You are in the right place if you are searching for an expert on the brand new framework Amazon has launched. Mediallianz is the trustworthy Amazon marketing services agency India that helps you with strategies and achieves sales growth. New bids provide new prospects on the table, enabling Amazon sellers to compete in new and exciting ways. It also offers a new way of marketing all of your Amazon goods.

Amazon works continuously to improve its domestic advertising dynamics and changes the way the platform functions every day. It will offer a myriad of advantages with the launch of the brand new bidding system. Dynamic bidding is changing the Amazon keyword bidding and marketing environment aggressively. It is a valuable substitute for the older method so that you can change the strategy of your PPC with a lot more finesse resulting in lower costs, better ROI, and better conversion rates.

Advertise your products with the best Amazon marketing services agency in India
Choose Right Products for Marketing on Amazon

Choose the right products to advertise

Sell what Buyers are looking to buy online

Selecting your company's promotional products is difficult, especially if you are a beginner. It is rare to experience this type of scenario, but many business owners who are in the industry for a long time will do so. You need to choose the right promotional products. By achieving marketing and company objectives such as an enhanced profit percentage, an increased number of customers, etc. You need to learn the basics first if this is your first time doing this task. We're ready to assist you all the way. Furthermore, when there are so many duties you have to take care of, you can't do this alone.

The selection process will break your brain as a neophyte or a specialist in your company's promotional products. You will be directed during the whole process with our services. Furthermore, you can easily and efficiently use promotional products that will certainly help your company. Our Amazon online marketing services India are built to save your time, money, and efforts.

Amazon Category Specific Targeting

Category-specific targeting

We ensure Category-specific Targeting to get high traffic

Categories are classes organized by similarities of Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASINs). The total items found in each group will be estimated. With the "refine" button, you can restrict the ASINs in your category. This helps you to aim for unique labels, prices, and star ratings only with ASINs.

The most basic category available is recommended. The product targeting category lets you customize the ratings for prices, brands, and stars. These refining measures allow you to set clear criteria when your ad is displayed. Targeting Amazon Ads has a growing number of possibilities. Traditionally, though, many of Amazon's new targeted targeting features are now more like Google Ads. We understand the Amazon market as we are the best Amazon marketing services agency in India.

You can target your product categories and brands in Amazon with the Category Targeting feature. Without decent traffic, it is also difficult to sell new goods. You can target product information pages with high traffic for building traffic in your listings with the targeting group. Few items are also purchased while looking for their categories such as gifts, fashion, clockwork, etc. In such instances, targeting the category will be beneficial.

Amazon Advertising offers

What does Amazon advertising offer?

Amazon Advertising Improving sales history & product visibility

Amazon advertising is the key to making your product public with Amazon. These are found within the Amazon search engine and product pages when someone searches for products on Amazon. Third-party sellers can maximize their reach by using these paid advertisements and reach a large audience on Amazon.

We will give you different amazon advertising tools to find the Amazon marketing services solution to help you achieve measurable results if you want to promote brands, consideration of your product, brand, and/or service, drive sales or increase loyalty.

Another strong cause for promotion on Amazon is that your organic scores will probably also rises if you do Amazon PPC. This is due in part to the additional sales generated by Amazon Ad Words that improve the product sales history. The history of sales is an extremely important consideration. Amazon places it on the ranking of the search results if a product sells better.

How will this help to grow your business?

Is your business ready to transform from old offline marketing to online selling? Presently, like never before, entering the Amazon advertising market is urgent to keep your business game healthy. Amazon has a share of overall 40% in online sales. It is considered one of the best and powerful platforms for B2B and B2C brands to improve brand visibility and earn high consumer engagement.

Improve your product requests and close your deals in no time with assistance from a dependable Amazon marketing service company in India. Create trust among your target audience and take benefits from the immense brand experience and hike in profitability.

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Why Mediallianz?

Mediallianz, a dynamic amazon marketing agency in Mumbai, is driven by a mission to achieve your optimized business goals. Our amazon marketing specialists are brilliant in creating tailored PPC, SEO, conversion rate, and product ranking solutions for your amazon store that will help your brand grow aggressively.

If you are still struggling to boost your product orders, market value, and sales generation, reach out to our experts today! Share your basic ideas and concerns with us to develop a data-driven strategy to optimize your sales on amazon.

Mediallianz is the best amazon digital marketing service provider agency in Mumbai, India that can help you to rank your products higher on amazon platforms and drive more sales. We have helped several companies to grow their business through amazon marketing services.

We have delivered

25 K+
15 %
Average ACOS
35 M+

Case Studies

Luxury Watch Client

The seller was a luxury watch retailer dealing in imported luxury brand watches which had premium pricing and targeted users looking for quality, luxury and brand appeal from the watch segment.

  • Category: Luxury Watches
  • Targeted Country: India
  • No. of Brands: 10+
  • No. of Keywords: 100+
  • No. of Products Targeted: 50+
  • No. of Top Performing Keywords: 25+
  • ACoS Change: Improvement by 33%

Outdoor Decor and Utility Products

The seller dealt in products designed for outdoor decor, for the beatification of gardens and balcony along with products to improve the utility of these areas of the home.

  • Category: Outdoor Decor and Utility Products
  • Targeted Country: India
  • No. of Product Type: 10+
  • No. of Keywords: 150+
  • No. of Performing Keywords: 60+
  • ACoS Change: Improvement by 34.78%

Home Utility Products

The seller dealt in home utility products which focused on providing solutions for day to day problems while at the same time beautifying the surrounding.

  • Targeted Country: India
  • No. of Products Type: 4
  • No. of Targets: 180+
  • No. of Performing Targets: 60+
  • ACoS Change: Improvement by 51.40%
Advertise your products with the best Amazon marketing services agency in India


There are three main kinds of Amazon marketing services, including sponsored advertising products, search titles, and product display ads that can be configured through amazon.

Sponsored ads are the advertisements that directly drive Amazon searchers to a certain product on Amazon. Headline search ads are often shown above the search results pages as headline banner ads. The display of product advertising is not keywords, but are product-specific Amazon display ads and leads shoppers to the detailed product page.

You can promote your products on Amazon through various ways like product display ads, sponsored product ads, and headline search ads. You may use Product Display advertising to attract consumers based on goods or interests. These advertisements will appear on pages linked to the choice selected. You can use Sponsored Product ads to promote a product, set a regular budget, and select which keywords to use to efficiently reach their target audience. A good Amazon marketing agency can help you optimize your products on Amazon.

When buyers search for a product, yours will appear alongside a competitor's, tempting them to buy yours instead. This marketing tactic instantly alerts consumers of other choices available to them. If a shopper searches for a product similar to yours, your ad serves to remind them that your product might be a good fit for their purchase. Amazon marketing services in India help you to rank your products alongside your competitor when a customer searches for certain products.

Amazon PPC is an advertising model in which marketers pay Amazon a fee each time a customer clicks on their ad (pay-per-click). There are three types of Amazon ads: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. The above is an updated and expanded version of the previous Product Display Advertising – PDAs. These are all part of the Amazon digital marketing model that you can use to promote your products and boost your sales on Amazon.

Here is a list of few factors you need to keep in mind while scaling the profit from Amazon marketing services:

  • Build a business outside of Amazon
  • Paid Promotion via Amazon advertising
  • Invest Time in Monitoring campaigns
  • Launch various products
  • Cover other marketplaces
  • Rank on more keywords
  • Optimize Your Listing

Here are a couple of significant bits of information that you can investigate from the report:

  • Keywords/Products Targeting
  • Keywords Match Type
  • Client Search Term
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Thru-Rate (CTR)
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Sum Spent
  • Overall Sales
  • Overall Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)
  • Conversion Rate

These metrics will help you with the previous information about your consumers who are looking for their desired product via amazon marketing.

The primary difference between running a manual and an automatic campaign is that a manual mission will give you more exact outcomes. In an automated campaign with the help of Amazon online marketing, you let Amazon run your promotions for you, and your advertisement will be consequently coordinated to all the pursuit terms Amazon considers applicable to your item.

The significant thing to remember is that the cost involved in amazon marketing services is flexible. Your promoting effort costs will rely on your competition and your financial plan.

In case you're seeking exceptional keywords, you can hope to pay more for them. It will prompt a bidding war and drive the cost up. Your spending will likewise influence your CPC. In case you have restricted adaptability in your spending plan, it will impact where you set your CPC.

Here are eight best ways on how to advertise on Amazon you can utilize immediately to get more results from your advertisement campaigns:

  • Create brand mindfulness with Sponsored Brands
  • Concentrate on item level benefits
  • Use of Sponsored Products via classifying categories
  • Utilize negative keywords to diminish inefficient advertisement spend
  • Have an adaptable Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) objective
  • Upgrade your offers