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With an increasing number of users moving online to research and shop for products, Search Engine Marketing has become a crucial strategy for increasing a company's reach. Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business by gaining traffic and increasing visibility of a website in search engine results pages through both paid and unpaid efforts. Paid efforts allow marketers to get more web traffic via desktop or mobile web search which in turn improves ranking, boosts search engine presence and draw in new customers. We are one of the leading PPC Services in Mumbai who can get more sales and leads for your business.

Using the latest technology, strategy, and a combined experience of over 18 years, our team seeks out your key customer by devising a perfect search marketing strategy. We take pride in being a leading PPC Services in Mumbai, and have cracked the SEM Success Code of relevant keywords, compelling ad copy, targeting options, landing page creative, offers, tracking technology and reporting methodology. This has helped some of the leading brands achieve the desired results in the form of clicks, conversions, and revenue.

In the highly competitive market, PPC services in Mumbai provided by us will help you outpace and outsmart your competitors. It is important to capture the market first and maintain the position on a consistent basis. With smart strategies up our sleeve and implementation of latest trends in the industry, we as a PPC agency have delivered time and again for our esteemed clients.

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What is PPC?

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click, is an internet marketing model in which advertisers have to pay a fee each time one of their advertisements is clicked. It is essentially a method of purchasing visits to your website rather than trying to "earn" such visits organically. One of the most common forms of PPC is search engine ads. PPC Services in Mumbai enables marketers to bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when a customer searches for a keyword specific to their product or service. As handling PPC is a bit complex process, you should always hire a PPC agency with qualification and expertise to achieve success. Get in touch with Mediallianz, the leading PPC Company in Mumbai, for complete details and processes involved.

Why PPC Advertisement?

If you consult any PPC agency in Mumbai, they will tell you that PPC is crucial for online business as Pay per click allows you to stop overpaying for advertising; it offers you a tremendous return on investment. Pay-per-click ads help you to reach a particular audience even more easily. Unlike conventional paid ads, PPC offers drastic levels of control that work because companies can increase ad spend in areas that work while reducing ad spend in areas that don't work – suggesting that the value of PPC is in its ability to squeeze every penny of budget for a better return-on-advertisement. If you are keen to improve your business performance online you must opt for the PPC Services in Mumbai. PPC marketing is inextricably related to brand awareness, which can result in high-quality leads and sales. In order to achieve the desired outcome, PPC Services in Mumbai must properly prepare and execute.

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"Paid efforts allow marketers to get more web traffic via desktop or mobile web search which in turn improves ranking, boosts search engine presence and draw in new customers.”

Leading PPC Company in Mumbai

Quick Entry – In the highly cluttered and competitive online space, our PPC services in Mumbai make sure that your brand gets a quick entry and reaches maximum audience in the best possible ways.

Improved Brand Visibility – Maximum reach equals to improved brand visibility. This is the approach the expert team follows in our PPC agency and it has successfully delivered valuable results for clients as well.

Granular Targeting – Highly specific and accurate targeting is one of the expertise that we possess. When you want to target a specific audience, we are capable of doing exactly that and assist in generating leads.

Fast Results – If you want to achieve fast growth in the digital world, you need to achieve fast results. Our PPC Services in Mumbai revolves around this strategy and all our efforts are aimed at achieving the same.

Immediate Traffic – A dedicated amount of traffic to landing pages is a must for PPC success. The PPC experts at our place device unique and measurable strategies to boost traffic to your website or specific pages.

Trackable Data – Impressions, clicks, conversions, all these trackable data is made available in simple to understand format for you. You can analyze complete details about PPC campaigns with us.

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Why Mediallianz for PPC Services?

Mediallianz is one of the best PPC Company in Mumbai, with an experienced and innovative team that designs and implements PPC campaigns in the best possible way to deliver results to the client. A well-planned Pay per Click AD campaign will not produce the desired results unless it is properly implemented. Our PPC Services in Mumbai has an experienced team that is well-known for providing the best results.

We stand and feel proud to be the best ppc agency in Mumbai, India. Following are the SEM Services -

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Google Ads is the king of paid advertisements. On average, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, allowing you to target keywords that your audience will click on. The downside is that keywords on this site are highly competitive, making ads more expensive.

It requires expertise to set the campaign to get the best ROI on the ads. That’s why PPC services in Mumbai can help you optimize your ads and get the best ROI from your budget.

Ads in Pay-Per-Click advertisements are subject to an auction-style bidding scheme known as the Ad Auction. It is a method used by major search engines to assess the legitimacy and importance of advertisements that appear on their search engine results pages. Advertisers bid on keywords important to their company during the auction. These are the search words for which they want their advertisements to "activate," or appear.

Although a variety of factors affect the effectiveness of your PPC advertising campaign, you can accomplish a lot by concentrating on:

  1. Creating applicable PPC keyword lists, close keyword classes, and appropriate ad text.
  2. Creating optimized landing pages with compelling, relevant content and a straightforward call-to-action that is customized to unique search queries.
  3. Quality Score is Google's evaluation of the quality and relevancy of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns.

PPC ad campaigns can be run on a variety of platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, among others. There are no two ad channels that are exactly alike. Choosing where to invest in ads can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Network user base
  2. The volume of ad
  3. Possibilities for creativity
  4. Budget of advertisers

This enables PPC services providers in Mumbai to meet a large number of potential buyers through markets and online habits.

PPC is a form of online advertising in which advertisers have to pay each time a user clicks on one of their advertisements. PPC ads come in several ways, but one of the most popular is the paid search ad. These ads appear when people search for items online using a search engine like Google – especially when they conduct commercial searches, indicating that they are trying to purchase something.

You can pay more if you work at a PPC agency in Mumbai than if you run your PPC. However, you will have a great chance of being prominently featured when having the most value for money. The advertiser determines PPC pricing, which is dependent on your budget and target keywords. When working with a PPC management company, you must first determine whether you want to do a simple PPC campaign, a mild one, or anything more violent. As the cost of PPC management rises, the campaign will become more aggressive.

PPC is one of the most important aspects of making successful online advertising. It allows the business to thrive and grow above the competition. While it will take some time and money, PPC will bring you ahead of your rivals in the long run. You should be able to see a difference in your company after at least a month of PPC advertising. There could be more clients, phone calls, or visits to your website.

Ad copy

The first recommendation is to boost your ad copy, by improving your Headline, Capitalization, and using simplified ads.

Call to Action

Your CTA can mask your ad description on the Desktop News Feed placement at times. In this scenario, experiment with not using a Call To Action at all and see what works best for you.


Break down your advertising and just target people who click on your ads. There are several filters available such as gender, age, location, etc.

The most popular PPC ad format appears on search engine results pages such as Google or Bing. Advertisers may put their brand, product, or service in the spotlight by running an ad that targets a particular keyword or action.

When you advertise with Google Advertising, your ads appear in several locations across the web, including Google search results, YouTube results, and Google partner websites.

Cost per click increases due to three major factors:

Strong Level of Competition

The auction takes place every time someone searches. Several factors influence the winner, but your bid is one of the most important.


In general, industries with a higher conversion value have higher average CPCs because marketers are willing to pay more per click.

Performance Ranking

Google Quality Score is a metric that ranks the quality of your keywords.

Pay-per-click ads are a search engine marketing strategy that has helped B2B businesses recognize and engage with customers on a new level.

PPC ads offer companies greater clarity into the success of their advertisement than other non-digital platforms, far beyond the amount of information seen by other non-digital channels. In any case, PPC ads are an efficient way for B2B marketers to shift customers to the bottom of the sales funnel.

Before you start a paid campaign on Google Ads, you must choose one of three campaign types: search, show, or video.

  1. Search ads are text advertisements that appear alongside search results on a Google results page.
  2. Display ads are usually image-based and appear on web pages that are part of the Google Display Network.
  3. YouTube video advertisements last between six to thirty seconds.

Quality Score is Google's metric for determining how significant a keyword has been based on data from previous ad auctions. When Google has collected enough data, keywords in an advertiser's account are assigned a QS number ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Advertisers are worried about their QS because it is one of the parameters used to determine the real CPC that the advertiser would pay and how the quantifying ads are ranked.

In Google Advertising, you bid for your competition's brand name and keywords, also known as Brand Bidding has three major advantages:

  • Cheap clicks – Since fewer marketers use brand keywords in their keyword targeting mix, brand keywords produce relatively cheap clicks.
  • High-quality traffic – Although the number of clicks you receive can be small, the traffic you receive will be highly qualified.
  • Brand exposure – If customers are looking for a rival in your business, they are looking for something they offer.