8 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Redesigning the Website

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Redesigning the Website

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Each live website present on the internet needs to have a facelift because it helps create a base around your business. Honestly, its primary benefit is to reach your potential customers and share knowledge and information about your business. Though web designers are experts in their field, SEOs are required to improve the responsiveness of a website. To avoid any error, you can always start by hiring a top-notch website development agency in Mumbai for your business. 

Coming back to discussing what mistakes can be avoided while redesigning your website, here are a few things you should keep in your mind:

1) The Website is Non-Indexable

One of the common mistakes is not to index the website on Google. Often, developers and designers forget to add the website's check to be indexed while launching the website. If, by any chance, this option gets set to "NO," it can be quite difficult for Google to index your website. To avoid any such errors, talk to our designing experts at the website designing agency in Andheri. 

2) Website Content is the New King

Always try to curate the perfect content for your website, but don’t forget to optimize it from the SEO team. Without Meta tags, headings, and on-page SEO, the content on the website is worthless.

3) Inability to Analyze Current Analytics 

Your website analysis and monitoring is your closest companion when hoping to rebuild landing pages and web content. It neglects the site upgrade measure. If not appropriately surveyed before the update, your bounce rate will increase, and conversion rates would be low. Being one of the best website designing companies in Mumbai, we make sure to not make any mistakes like these for your businesses. 

4) Not Utilizing 301 Redirects

Organizations ask why they had such an enormous decline in traffic after they dispatched their new website. It is one of the top things we take a look at, and when we inquire as to whether they, as of late, had an update completed multiple times out of ten, the appropriate response is yes. In case you change your URL's at all and 301 redirections are not utilized when updating and dispatching another site, you will lose traffic and rankings.

5) Not Implementing Responsive Design

Responsive design plays an essential part in website designing. A responsive plan is a portable inviting plan where your site will scale to fit all gadgets (PC, tablet, and telephone). It is incredible for SEO because it will downsize your site symbolism and ensure your site load faster on cell phones.

6) Not Keeping User Experience in Mind

Ignoring how a user thinks and reacts to your content is very important and often overlooked by development companies. Always think with a user perspective and then review your website.

7) Ill-advised URL Structure

A site should be constructed where all pages come from the landing page. It doesn't look apparent to the web crawlers and doesn't give proper ordering and Page Rank circulation. The URL structure ought to unmistakably characterize the way of each page area inside the site route, beginning with the most significant pages first. Generally, engineers will make pages that don't use a legitimate classification or storehouse structure. Your URL structure should like this: space/class/subcategory/page. 

8) Not setting enough costs 

Not setting enough financial plans for your site redoing is a typical slip-up. Everything accompanies a cost. Numerous business visionaries contact a website development company yet need something more or less spending plan for it. For any business that needs to grow in the online market, we can help with Mumbai's website development cost. We allow you to set a practical costing for your site redesigning as websites speak to your business on online stages. They can help arrive at an enormous number of clients and convert them to accomplish higher ROI.


Above are the best 8 missteps, which the vast majority make. In case you maintain a strategic distance from these mix-ups, you can easily accomplish what you have planned for your website within no time. 

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Posted on 22nd Oct 2020 - 10:00 am

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