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How to Use Amazon Ads for Boosting Your Sales on Amazon Prime Day 2021?

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Introduction About Amazon Prime Day 2021

Without a doubt, Amazon is one of the biggest companies and the largest online retailer by market cap in the world. In 2015, to commemorate its 20th anniversary, Amazon started this event known as Amazon Prime Day. The event provided exciting deals and offers to Prime members on an extensive range of items. In India, the flagship event of Amazon Prime Day was first launched in 2017. Since then Amazon has been conducting the event every year which has continued to grow in size and scope. It has been a resounding success for members, sellers and vendor as well as Amazon itself. The date for Amazon Prime Day 2021 in India hasn’t been released yet.

Why it matters to sellers and vendors?

Amazon Prime Day was a massive success in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the event was delayed and eventually it was held in October month. According to reports, the sales hit 10.4 billion dollars in 2020 from 4.19 billion in 2018 and 17.6 billion in 2019, an incredible jump of +148.2% and +45.2% respectively.

It is worthy to note that Amazon focused heavily on supporting small and local businesses which resulted in 900 million in sales for small businesses. What’s more, the third-party sellers made more than 3.5 billion during Prime days, which was a 60% increase from the previous year. The numbers are incredible and it opens up a grand opportunity for sellers and vendors to achieve the same success on Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Interestingly, back in India, the giant online retailer revealed that on Amazon Prime Day 2020, more than 4000 small and medium sellers earned more than Rs 10 lakh. Also, 209 sellers became crorepatis. Thus for e-commerce sellers, other than all the Amazon Prime Day 2021 excitement, they should be prepared to make the most out of it.

How can You Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2021?

How can You Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2021?

On the physical side, there are a ton of things sellers and vendor must manage. It includes inventory management, product bundles, competitor analysis, listing optimization, deals and discounts, A/B testing and much more. However, on the digital side, optimizing your Amazon Advertising or PPC campaigns will be the key to success.

Optimization of Campaigns

As an Amazon agency that has delivered several successful Amazon Advertising campaigns for different companies, we can’t stress enough the importance of optimization as you inch closer to the Prime Day event.

There are several reasons why this happens. First, the traffic to Amazon increases exponentially during this time. Secondly, a large amount of money is invested by all stakeholders in Amazon Advertising. Thus, optimization strategy should be careful with everything that can lead to conversions. Else, you will lose sales and profits.

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Creating Manual Campaigns

Manual campaigns are divided into three types of campaigns: Broad keywords, Phrase Keywords and Exact Keywords. Often, the sellers and vendors are not aware of the difference between the campaign types while manually creating the same. It is important to note that the campaign types can be used to specify keywords that can help you rank high on Amazon’s results page.

While you use broad keywords and phrase keywords campaigns, avoid overstuffing it on your product listings. It will only increase your budget. Optimization and efficient use of campaigns will lead people to your products. Exact keyword campaigns are the best way to rank first in the search results. However, you should spend quality time identifying such keywords.

Keyword Clustering

Any amazon agency will tell you that choosing keywords must be done after understanding the intent and search purpose of your audience. Once you do your research, group the keywords in such a manner so as to match with customer’s preferences and lead them to make the buying decision. Grouping or keyword clustering shows clearly why the customer is buying your product.

Search Terms

As you start Amazon Advertising, make it a practice to track the search terms every day. It will help in the identification of top-performing keywords which can be included in the Ad campaigns. Also, know that your customer would be searching and planning to make the purchase on Prime Day.

It is highly recommended that you partner with experienced Amazon agencies such as Mediallianz. We have the whole team of experts, latest technology and advanced tools to analyze search terms and provide you the best results.

Improve Conversion Rate

As a seller or vendor, you have different options to run ads on Amazon. You can promote deals and offers with different ad types such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads. The average conversion rate generally increases during Prime Day. Therefore, you must optimize product offering and make it as appealing as possible using images, content and engaging elements. The success of product listing will be directly proportional to the conversion rate of ads.

The Amazon Advertising experts at Mediallianz utilize the past campaign history, user trends, product performance and optimize the ads to boost conversion rates.

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As the buyers and shoppers are spending billions of dollars on Prime day, you must spend more on Amazon Advertising. Make sure to prepare and plan the budget in a way that enables all-day visibility. Avoid utilizing the whole budget early in the day and leave without achieving sales objectives. Also, you must increase your budget as much as possible. On Prime Day, pause all non-performing keywords and allocate more for the best keywords.

Use these pointers to boost sales with Amazon Ad campaigns on Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Mediallianz is one of the leading and trusted Amazon agency helping brands achieve their sales objectives using the best strategies. The following services will help you gain maximum sales from Amazon Prime Day.

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