Guide to make SEO friendly Website

Guide to make SEO friendly Website

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Your site is the immediate impression of your business online. Regardless of whether you are a nearby business, online business store, or a digital marketing office; a large portion of your traffic will be produced from organic sources on search engines like Google, Bing, and various others. However, such a large number of organizations plan their website without SEO as a top priority. With the help of a great website development company in Mumbai, you will be able to understand the objective behind designing an SEO friendly website and deliver the best results.

Regardless of how extravagant or extraordinary your web designing looks, if there isn't traffic going to it, you may need to return to the planning phase which can bring in lots of time investment, money, and efforts. 

Before we proceed, how to make an SEO friendly website, let us know what exactly is an SEO friendly website:

A website is considered as SEO friendly that has actualized SEO methods that make it simple for search crawlers to find and peruse pages across your site, so they may survey, list, and rank them likewise dependent on the content value they provide for clients. Likewise, an SEO-friendly website is one that is easy to use and can fulfil client and user expectations. Creating a search engine friendly website may require help from a renowned website designing agency in Mumbai. Now we are aware of the importance of SEO friendly websites, let us proceed to what can be done to make them more accessible to online users:

  • Need for responsive design to make it mobile-friendly

Making a website responsive is one of the fundamental factors while focusing on SEO friendly parameters. It helps you drive success for your business. The main benefit of a website being responsive is it allows your website to adapt to whatever device a user is using. 

Whether the user is accessing the website on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop, the version of a website should be displayed which is suitable as per their device’s dimensions. When your website overall turns out to be an SEO friendly, it helps you retain the organic traffic for a long time and thus attracts Google to rank better in SERPs. Create a responsive website for better user interaction and driving more leads to your business. 

  • Creating website content to target important keywords

An integral part of your website is content creation. An SEO-accommodating site is a site that has actualized SEO methods that makes it simple for internet searcher crawlers to investigate and peruse pages across your site, so they may survey, list, and rank them likewise dependent on the worth they provide for clients. Likewise, an SEO-accommodating site is one that is easy to use and can fulfil client and searcher expectations. 

At the point when you create valuable content, you help direct people to your site and get prompts to draw in on your site. In addition to the fact that it helps build up yourself as an expert in your field, however, it additionally encourages you to target significant keywords to drive interested leads to your page.

To find the right keywords for your content, take help from tools like Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and Semrush, etc. Try using long-tail keywords to drive better results for your valuable content. These keywords are more specific and hence bring more traffic to the website. 

  • Optimization of Heading tags for better understanding of your landing pages

If you need to know how to make your site SEO-friendly, start by upgrading your header tags. Header tags are the headings that assign the beginning of a part. The title of this segment is a header! To begin upgrading your headers, coordinate your most significant keywords into them. For the title of your page, you'll need to fuse your most significant keyword into the title.

If you need to assemble an SEO friendly website, start by making a heading structure for your pages that makes it simple for your clients to read. If your pages are coordinated and simple to peruse, you'll keep leads on your site longer. 

  • Usage of internal linking to help search engines crawl the related content

As you get familiar with how to make your site SEO friendly, remember to focus on interior linking on your website. Internal linking is a barely noticeable piece of SEO. This helps web crawlers to find new pages on your site and list them. 

You may have amazing landing pages with important content on your website; however, Google will be unable to discover it. Google won't generally discover each page you have on your site, so you need to help Google discover them. Inner linking assists Google with finding these pages and files them in the indexed lists. 

If you wish to utilize internal connections on your site, use them effectively. You would prefer not to add connections to your pages arbitrarily to get those pages indexed. The pages should apply to the point and anchor text you're utilizing on the page.


If you wish to drive more traffic online for your business, you should make an SEO-friendly website. At the point when your webpage becomes the latter one to web crawlers, you'll show up in more relevant results and improved traffic on your site. Website optimization sets aside some effort to execute and show results, so you should invest energy in arranging your SEO techniques. Mediallianz is ranked among the best web development company in Andheri that can help you maintain all the above-mentioned factors by indulging a team of experts for your business. Start optimizing for good today!

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Posted on 4th Jan 2021 - 8:00 pm

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