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How Amazon Marketing Can Help You Grow Your E-Commerce Business In 2020

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Amazon is one of the top companies in the whole world in 2020. It is up there in the league with industry giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Just looking at the millions of products listed on the Amazon platform makes one understand the plethora of business opportunities available. Moreover, millions of daily users from all across the world search their favourite objects, find information and ultimately make the buying decision on Amazon by clicking on the button. Amazon is the true digital marketplace where users and retailers meet. 

This is the reason why if you are a start-up or an established brand with immense potential for e-commerce business, you must choose Amazon first and rest later. There is much to be done before you finally start getting results, profits and growth. You can take the help of Amazon marketing agencies who can help you grow your business. Before you make that decision know what are the Amazon marketing strategies you can use in 2020 to grow your e-commerce business.

Amazon Marketing Services 

Amazon marketing services is an umbrella term for advertising on Amazon. Remember, Amazon is a big search engine similar to Google. Today, Amazon marketing services is popularly known as Amazon Advertising. It comprises of media, marketing and advertising features one can use to boost e-commerce via Amazon and make profits. Similar to Google Ads, Amazon ads can be run using the PPC model of advertising. Sponsored product ads, product display ads and headline search ads can be run using keywords and targeting a specific audience. It is essential to note that Amazon is a big player as far as data is concerned. Therefore, it helps businesses to target audience precisely and successfully. 

The Amazon Advertising Platform is a display advertising network where different ad formats can be used internally as well as externally on the other websites. 

Amazon Search Engine Optimization – Amazon SEO

As mentioned before, Amazon is a big search engine where you can use optimization strategies and techniques to rank at the top of the results. Here, product listings are needed to be optimized for search queries made by the intended customer. The Amazon SEO can boost traffic, enable discovery and finally desired sales. So, how can you optimize Amazon for your product?

Begin with thorough research of target keywords that can be possibly used by your customer. Include them in your content and optimize it accordingly. You can optimize the title of the product listing, description and explain coherently why and how your product is better and reveal some exclusive features which will grab attention. Secondly, it is highly recommended that you use high-quality images. 

The customer mindset in the Amazon is to either buy or look at the price and compare. This means buying is inevitable. Therefore, once the customer has scrolled down to the purchase button after spending considerable time reading and viewing images, you are ready for a sale.  

Reviews are the heart of any Amazon SEO strategy. It plays an important role in creating a positive image among the customer. The more good reviews more will be the chances of achieving the sale. The Amazon algorithm automatically ranks such products higher than others. 

Third-Party Advertisement

Along with paid advertisement in Amazon, you can always support the product listing promotion using third party advertisements. The Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Instagram and other digital platforms can be used to promote it. Since there is extensive competition in the Amazon marketing service, getting support from organic and paid means is always beneficial. 

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In 2020, Amazon stands as one of the tech giants in the world with extensive product listings and millions of active users. It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to explore the platform and boost e-commerce ROI, profits and achieve growth. Find out how you can master Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon SEO and other marketing strategies on Amazon. 

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Posted on 13th Aug 2020 - 10:00 am

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