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How Mediallianz Help Brands To Get Millions Of Views On YouTube Videos

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Often, video production houses spend a considerable amount of time and energy perfecting the script, finding the right talent, shooting, and editing to make a YouTube video perfect. 

The strenuous process is carried out with a singular aim that is to achieve the brand objective through the video content. But there is more to this than meets the eye. 

There’s a whopping 2 billion people who use YouTube and watch videos. Thus, what matters is the audience reaction and the kind of engagement the YouTube video can generate which is a fitting testimony to your hard work & efforts. This is where a robust advertising strategy is imperative to boost video views which in turn can add value to the brand. 

Mediallianz is a leading digital marketing agency in Andheri, Mumbai has been able to deliver positive results for brands time and again by getting millions of views on YouTube. 

How we did it? In this article, we look to further elaborate about the challenges generally faced and the step by step strategy which is implemented by the Mediallianz team to achieve the objective. Besides, we will discuss one of our esteemed clients in particular who demanded to gain maximum views on one of the videos posted on YouTube. 


Usually, most of the people are unaware of the basics which are essential to make YouTube work. This includes brand information, contact information shared channel icon, etc. Once the basics are set right, we jump to the advanced tactics.

Talking about challenges, one of the major facts about YouTube is that it prefers shorter videos that ensure maximum reach. Very likely, such videos also captivate the audience quickly. 

In the case of our client, the video we were promoting was in excess of 2 minutes. As it was a musical anthem for one of the leading e-commerce giants, that too at the very competitive buying price, editing and cutting out was not possible. 

After brainstorming and thorough deliberations were done on all the facets of it, the team planned out an effective strategy to overcome the challenge. 

Key Points 

Instead of spending too much time on the problem at hand, we decided to execute the plan. First of all, we undertook market research and an in-depth study of similar success stories available on YouTube. Further, we ensured that the right ad format was selected because there was no room for experiments with the clock ticking daily and important targets to be met. 

Secondly, we used the right mix of bidding & budget optimization strategy to plan out this 2-week campaign. Remember, for any YouTube video campaign, budget planning and allocation play a vital role in its success. 

After the first two steps, we hit the most important part of the YouTube campaign which is audience targeting. Audience targeting can make or break your YouTube campaign. 

To make the campaign a resounding success, precise audience targeting is a must. So, what must be done? Similar to any other paid platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn it is pretty critical to pay attention to choose the audience who you would be communicating with. With no dearth of video viewers on YouTube and partner sites, it is a crime to waste your impressions on users who would give a blind eye to your ads and in the process hamper key metrics like View rate and subsequently the campaign learning. Once the target audience was sorted, we moved on to the next step. 

Next up, interests and topics were carefully chosen. Optimal budgets and bids were allocated to ensure best interests were followed by the next best and so on and so forth. 

This allowed us to create a proper blend of all the key metrics like Impressions, View rate, Cost per View, and Watch Rate which ensured that machine learning is rich and well-fed with optimal numbers. 


The results were 50 Million+ views on the YouTube video. The achievement was one which was highly anticipated and it fetched us many laurels too. 

Last but not the least, this would not have been possible without the amazing team who took this challenge and delivered one of the most cherished projects till date for Mediallianz. There are many more success stories that we have created for different brands across the spectrum. 

For more information about our online marketing services, call us today on +91 9324370476 or e-mail at

By - Team Mediallianz
Posted on 27th Aug 2020 - 1:30 pm

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