8 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media Marketing

8 Surprising Social Media Marketing Facts you should know in 2021

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To slay the world of Digital marketing, you ought to have social media as one of your essential weapons. If you consider yourself social media savvy, you are all in for a true roller coaster ride. 

With the rapid increase in social media tools' evolution, many marketing experts are inventing lots of new and increasingly detailed information that helps them invent new social media strategies.

Any business needs to stay geared up with all the digital marketing techniques to outshine competitors in the market. To better understand the strategies, talk to our specialists at one of the best social media marketing companies in Mumbai.

Social media is something which we use almost daily, but how much are we aware of it? We will share with you a list of 8 social media marketing facts in 2021 you probably were not aware of:

1) Users love videos like never before

although marketers believe that unique concept based videos aren't a significant aspect of their social media methodology, facts speak of themselves. Consistently, on average, Youtube experiences a visitor spend of a minimum of 15 minutes on their videos.

2) It's practically free

When you look at the cost of publicizing on paper to promoting online, you will see that your tenure is truly great for the little value you pay on the web. Furthermore, you can monitor your progress in such a way that offline media doesn't permit. 

You will recognize what is working and what isn't, so that pace of your strategies will improve. With the help of advertising agencies that offer the best social media marketing packages in Mumbai, you can create your brand value in the market

3) Purchasing Likes might not help

many social media tools available online that can help determine the fake and genuine followers on your brand. 

It wouldn’t only make you feel embarrassed, but also, any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram analyses your followers through insights. It can only result in either suspension or loss of your fake followers. Beware of that!

4) Social Media is Your Virtual Newspaper

Since the evolution of digitization, users are interacting more on social media than any other platform. Also, considering this as an authoritative source of information, users are coming to platforms like Reddit to read the news. 

As per a recent survey, 68% of youth stated that they get most of their information from Facebook, and 24% said that they get their latest updates via Instagram.

5) The Addictive Social Media

Various social media platforms are repetitive, meaning that people come back to these platforms every day or hour to check-in. 

According to a Social media survey, Facebook experiences 70% of returning users every day. On the other hand, Instagram is the second topmost platform with 60% of its users coming back every day to check on bright little things.

6) What’s posted on Friday? 

By this, we mean whatever content is being posted on Friday will give you more engagement than ever or any other post. 

Your content is valuable online, but it gets more useful once you know when your targeted audience surf online. Also, the rate of video plays is higher on this day of the week. It gives businesses a whole new reason to say TGIF!

7) Try Etsy for your whole new store

Etsy is an online retail giant and has more than 2682415 followers. Flattering an audience by selling your stuff on Etsy may sound like a cool idea. So, if you are planning to set up your store, this might be the solution.

8) Social Media Pictures are everything

Whenever you post your valuable content on Facebook, try posting it with one or the other designed images. It should be something that catches the user's eye and forces him/her to share it on their timeline. Also, we find that individuals react better to pictures than to only text updates. Hire the top social media agency in Mumbai for innovating new strategies that can just help you in outshining the digital marketing industry.

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