8 Unknown Facts about Search Engine Optimization

8 Unknown Facts about Search Engine Optimization

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In 1990, when online marketing was introduced to internet users, it emerged out as a significant factor in marketing technology. Nowadays, digital marketing is brimming with many techniques, innovations, and strategies; one such aspect is Search Engine Optimization.

It can be assumed that SEO rules change on an hourly basis, and sometimes they do. You need to stay updated with the latest rules and facts related to SEO if you own a website based business. SEO is basically how you bring traffic to your website and how you implement SEO on your website to impact your incoming visitors. If you are still unaware of how to perform SEO, talk to your friends, family, or search top Search Engine optimization agency in Mumbaiwhich will surely lead you to us.

Now, there are a lot of unknown facts associated with SEO in the market. We tried to make a list of 10 lesser-known things about SEO, which will give you a whole new perspective about the search engine market.

1) Viral content is not always valuable. 

Even with millions of content generated daily online, unique content still outshines in the market. If you have a business that is based globally, the viral content might or might not help you in gaining traction for your valuable content. But for local companies, viral content is of less usage, and thus it would be great for your business if you hire the SEO services company in Mumbai to generate sales. 

2) Duplicate content does not hurt SEO

It is one of the lesser-known and less believed facts about SEO. Google does not penalize duplicate content on your website, but copied content surely gets. By using canonical tags, your content can be republished on the website. But you can still report the websites which are using your content without any consent.

3) Videos on the Homepage to improve the ranking

As a very well-known fact, Youtube is the second largest online platform with the most popular videos. To boost your website traffic, you can add a video on your website’s homepage. According to a study, videos on the homepage can help you get on top of the ranking page.

4) The number of Incoming Links is not directly proportional to Good SEO

Incoming links to your website are considered a good factor in achieving higher rankings in SERP. But it is not always directly proportional to good SEO, as links coming to your website can be toxic, spammy, no-follow, and many other links. If they are coming from unauthorized websites, it can affect your ranking in Google. Therefore, you should always focus on quality than quantity.

5) Only Relevant Content Helps

Adding irrelevant content to your website can only result in a great bounce rate. Just increasing the word count on your landing page does not help you get a lot of visitors. If you are writing relevant content as per your industry niche and targeting the right keywords, it will surely help your business to generate more sales.

6) SEO is 25% on page & 75% off page

SEO has two main elements – generating incoming links and creating relevant content for the word people are searching for. And these elements are known as On-page and off-page.

It is necessary to make your content relevant by including those keywords which you want to rank. 

7) Page-title are the most relevant pieces of on-page optimization

It is many times mistaken that one only considers content as most relevant. Page-title should consider the topmost priority after content. It is located at the top of the browser and appears on the Google search engine results page.

8) Top 5 results get 75% of overall clicks

To be visible among the top 5 results in Google or any other search engine, it means that you should be implementing new and best SEO techniques on your website. To get the best results out of your marketing techniques, work with a top Search engine optimization marketing company for your business.

To rank higher in SERPs, your content, off-page, and on-page techniques should be your priority, and later on, other things can be worked upon.


Above, We have listed a few lesser-known facts about SEO that can help you analyzing strategies to maximize successful campaign results. Regardless of whether you've perused these facts previously or don't think they'll have any impact on your business, ideally, they've caught your advantage and demonstrated the importance of SEO these days

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Posted on 31st Oct 2020 - 10:00 am

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