Guide to Influencer Marketing You've Ever Heard

Guide to Influencer Marketing You've Ever Heard

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Have you ever thought of endorsing your brand with the help of rising celebrities or bloggers? Yes, you read it right. The influencer marketing arena was limited to only top celebrities and some hardcore bloggers earlier. 

But today, there has been an increase in social media influencers who have hundreds and millions of followers. If you've ever considered utilizing Instagram influencer to promote your business, this is the ideal opportunity to begin! Hire the right Influencer marketing agency in Mumbai to find the right influencers for your brand and deliver real engagement. 

Adding Instagram influencer advertising into your promotional marketing strategy can help you expand brand awareness, increase followers' base, and drive significant deals! 

Are you ready to kick start Influencer marketing for your business? Here is a solid guide for your business that can take it to higher levels of success:

What does Influencer Marketing mean?

Influencer marketing is of its types of social media marketing that uses endorsements and item mentions via influencers – people who have a real and dedicated social media following and are considered a pro in their niche. But how? Now you have a strategy for the same, what next? In this case, an Influencer Marketing agency comes into action and acts as a bridge in the influencer marketing process.

The Current Status of Influencer Marketing Picture

We get influenced by what we see, and beauty is not different. If we rewind the time, back in 2014, if it was very convenient and easy to be featured for a profile, it must have changed into an influencer. After hundreds of partnerships, people go for a full-time career in social media influencer marketing. 

Value of Influencer Marketing in Industry

By the end of 2020, Influencer marketing is set to reach a mark of $10 billion industry. Other influencer platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter have their influencers as per the demographics. It has been observed that 89% of ROI comes out to be more than other social media platforms. 

How to create the right strategy?


  • How to find the right Influencers? 

Start with researching in the market and as per the standards. Opt for the platform you want to focus on first. If you are starting with Influencer marketing, start one. During your research stage, note down the sort of influencers you're keen on. Is it true that you are going for famous people with huge followings or some micro-influencers with under 2000 supporters? Maybe something in the middle of the 5–10k supporter range is more your inclination. Whatever you choose to opt for will decide your spending plan.

  • Set Your Budgets and Management

Since now you know what to pay to influencers, you have to make your financial plan. Make certain to consider factors such as time expected to arrange, execute, and inspect your influencer program. Running a fruitful influencer showcasing effort is certainly not a set-it-and-go kind of methodology. It'll include cautious observing and catch up.

Employing an influencer marketing agency that will do the exploration and coordination for you is a decent deal.

  • Decide Your Goals and Message for the customer

Influencer marketing improves your brand awareness and boosts sales. If you kick start your marketing strategy by looking at the brand’s needs, it will be a sure shot successful campaign. Influencers can contact your niche audience. Rather than depending on many supporters, influencers will assist you with guaranteeing a focused crowd that will probably be keen on your item peruses and draws in with your content.


Influencers are staying in; however, how the universe of influencer marketing looks and works has changed a lot in a brief timeframe, and in five years, it might not be the same as today. This guide will help you build your marketing strategy; however, it's imperative to be prepared for change like any social technique.

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Posted on 5th Nov 2020 - 10:00 am

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