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Top 7 PPC Campaign Strategy in 2021

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New technologies are evolving in the marketing industry, with a rise in media advertising platforms. Pay-per-click advertising can be one of the best strategies to drive traffic, brand mindfulness, and, more specifically, conversions. The digital marketing waves are moving, and PPC advertising techniques used to work are presently crashing and burning. Your business deserves a PPC service that focuses on maximizing your pay-per-click ROI by bringing in quality leads. 

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is a terrific method to represent your organization and items to interested clients. In the PPC (pay-per-click) promotion model, part of an inbound marketing technique, the specific business offers such particular keywords that clients type into search engines to show an ad related to those clients' interests, ideally attracting them to the advertiser's website.

If you own a small or large business, you should invest your time and money into PPC management services; here are the top 8 strategies that will make you believe in the PPC advertising game:

PPC Campaign Strategy that works:


1) Understand your Customers:

Before understanding customer needs you can optimize your ads. You have to understand customer needs. Why customers look for your products? who is your target audience? whats customers are hoping to gain from your business?

These things you need to understand before writing any ad copy. 

2) Entire Potential customers to take Action:

Every ad should have a call to action, It gives a clear message to your users to take action after seeing the ads.

Please check the call to actions below

  • Shop now
  • Place your order
  • Book now
  • Buy today
  • Learn more
  • Call us now
  • Sign up
  • Get a quote

We also do the same in Amazon's PPC campaign strategy, but their strategy is different. 

3) Advertising on Multiple Platforms:

Advertising on Google Ads has been followed for a very long time. Many businesses are just using one single platform for executing their products and reaching the potential audience. 

Though Google ads can help you reach an approximate audience of more than one million people, that does not mean you should limit paid campaigns just to Google. One can reach the target audience by using different social media platforms. For e.g., Facebook and Instagram are growing at a very fast pace concerning paid advertising. 

4) Remarketing Campaigns own the Throne:

Remarketing campaigns are considered to be a business’s best friend. These campaigns allow you to retarget a visitor if they have browsed your product page; they will be 70% more likely to purchase the product from your website than of competitors. 

This technique remarkets your business or brand to the people who have already interacted with your website. Google ads are the most commonly used platform for remarketing ads; Bing ads are also becoming a part of the race.

5) Inclusion of Ad extensions:

For businesses already into PPC advertising, ad extensions are not some rocket science. Ad platforms like Google ads allow you to keep adding and upgrading extensions that you may miss out on. For instance, message extensions, call extensions, price extensions, and many more. By adding a message extension, a user can directly talk to your experts' team by messaging them. If you wish to bring value to your targeted market and outshine in the competitors’ market, you need to add extensions. This is the best PPC campaign strategy that you should follow.

6) Design Mobile optimized landing pages:

More than 50% of the world’s online traffic comes from mobile devices. Many businesses forget about mobile optimization when we come down to PPC campaign strategy. Although your paid campaign may look the best on smartphones and tablets with zero defects, your landing page should also be mobile optimized. If you want to improve your ROI from paid campaigns, you need to work on your website landing pages design for mobile friendliness.

7) Attractive and compelling Ad copies:

Your ad copy, starting from headline to description to your presentation, should be able to hook a user; otherwise, your whole campaign may suffer. Users won’t click on your ad if they do not find it compelling enough to get converted into a customer. Writing ad copies may take some time, but it can leave a long-lasting effect on your campaigns. Make this a priority for your team. You can involve a PPC company in Mumbai that can help you with PPC's fundamental as well as PPC campaign strategy.

Brand awareness is also part of the PPC campaign strategy, you can increase brand visibility by running display ads on google by targeting on the basis of keywords, topic, relevant placements, in-market list, and more.

As we are aware that e-commerce marketing is booming, and PPC is also a part of amazon marketing. 

What is an Amazon PPC?

It simply says that advertisers will have to pay only pay when someone clicks on your ads. questions arise, why you should invest in amazon PPC campaign strategy? 

Suppose you are selling pet supplies including hairbrushes. When you put keywords hairbrush, you will get lakhs of search results, and it will be very difficult for customers to click on it. If you want to catch more eyes on your products, then here Amazon's PPC campaign strategy comes.


Hope you are aware of how to develop the PPC campaign strategy, with these strategies primarily on focus, your business can begin to reform its advertising regimes. From displaying ads on various platforms to designing mobile-optimized landing pages, businesses can take numerous steps to enhance their PP campaign strategy – starting with getting involved with a PPC management company.

For more information about our PPC Campaign services, call us today on +91 9324370476 or e-mail at contact@mediallianz.com


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Posted on 29th Apr 2021 - 7:00 pm

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