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How Mediallianz Help Customers Sell Better On Amazon At Lowest Cost

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Amazon is undoubtedly one of the giants in the online retail market. It single-handedly has captured a major chunk of the market share in recent years. A lot of interest among the consumers has been observed as online shopping is easy and payment is hassle-free. 

Sellers on the other side of the spectrum are facing stiff competition from all sides. 

The Amazon marketing services in India opened up a great opportunity for businesses to expand their respective brands and products and reach maximum people, ultimately earning profits and boosting growth. The marketplace has become crowded and good return on investment is possible only with remarkable strategy and precise targeting. This is where Mediallianz, one of the leading Amazon advertising agency in Mumbai has been leading the charge and helping brands to sell on amazon to achieve brilliant results, amazing profits, and that too via cost-effective methods. 

With this blog, we at Mediallianz aim to share step by step process of executing an excellent Amazon campaign and how we are able to deliver effective results each time. Let’s get into the details.

First of all, it is important to understand that Amazon online marketing space is huge and there are tremendous opportunities in the form of Search Engine Optimization (remember Amazon has its own search engine algorithms) and Advertising model and platform. Therefore, the main essence of any campaign is continuous optimization. As with any marketing actions today comprising of digital platforms, understanding the user behavior is of utmost importance and we begin exactly there. One of the things the Mediallianz experts regularly focus is consumer behavior for the last 14 days. This gives deep insights and helps brands as well.

Secondly, budget allocation and controlling it is a major task. Extra attention is given on the products which are getting the brand great revenue. Furthermore, more effort is put to garner decent returns on spends. Of course, it is backed by extensive research of keywords and in-depth analysis to use the right keyword type which gets better ROI for the brand. Additionally, we have created theme-based campaigns to keep focus and structure right for all the campaigns. This has been beneficial for the brands to engage customers and sell more. 

Along with the first two steps but distinctively as well, the professionals at Amazon have analyzed data and patterns for the last 2 years and promoted SKU based on that. While these are some regular features of the execution part, it is imperative to plan ahead to stand out and level up from the competitors. Therefore, in our campaigns, we discuss on a regular basis to understand the business needs, and also do monthly planning in advance to keep the focus right and set goals. 

The team has often found that due to the set process in place for daily monitoring of the campaign, alerts are issued and acted upon if negative trends are prevailing. It gives the team enough and more time to fix it without much loss to the client as well. 

Over many years, Mediallianz has been using these Amazon online marketing strategies and features to help brands rank higher, boost product sales, and achieve profit. The team always do smart and efficient work to help brands get immeasurable success through Amazon. 

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Posted on 9th Sep 2020 - 10:00 am

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