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Top 7 steps to Become Successful in Search Engine Marketing in 2020

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With increasing competition, advanced technologies & brand enhancement conducting search engine marketing campaigns can be a difficult task. What makes it more feasible is its effectiveness, whether it’s a small start-up or an established brand that wants to showcase its latest launches. Hiring experts from one of the top PPC Services in Mumbai can be really helpful to you and your business.

How SEM is different from SEO?

If we talk about the main difference between SEM & SEO is that it includes paid reach for your campaigns & other one reaches your organic audience respectively. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is identified with SEO in that the two of them manage Digital Marketing efforts on web crawlers like Google and Bing. In any case, SEO regularly alludes to inner, natural site improvement while Search Engine Marketing is normally known as publicizing through a paid media financial plan. 

So, we have listed down 7 major steps to become successful in Search Engine Marketing in 2020 for your knowledge. 

1: Covering the Fundamentals

Rethink your organization's situation in the market. Follow out the competitors and your organization's USP which is more competitive than others. Measure the achievement of your SEM advertising efforts via looking through your rankings. Keep a check on the lead volume and other ROI measurements.

2: Identifying a Successful Strategy

In this stage, you start working on roadmap to your ad campaign strategy. Like creating a list of keywords, marketing techniques, and identifying correct landing page that resembles to the SEM campaign, implementing goal tracking and many more. Understand your customer’s needs and try to fulfil them by advertising your product. 

3: Keyword List

Whether it’s your own in-house project or client based, you should learn the perspective outside of your organization or advertising team. This totally means if you are using an outside vendor, you would want to add on your keyword ideas with them. 

Create a list like this which can help you in developing your keyword library:

  • Targeting Brand Keywords
  • Product/service Keyword list
  • General Keyword List
  • Affinity Keywords

4: Connecting Landing Pages

This is a very crucial step which many marketers simply forget. The exact landing page needs to be focussed. Why? Because when a user clicks on your sponsored content, he or she would surely like to visit the page he was looking for. For instance, a buyer who has recently looked for upstanding vacuum cleaners has certain desires that he will show up at a Web page that includes a scope of alternatives on upstanding vacuum cleaners. Make sure to test all your landing pages before going live.

5: Writing Ad Copies

Many marketers don’t really focus on the ad copies. But, it’s very important to focus on the quality of ad copies. The copy needs to be targeted and focused for your niche audience not general and broad. 

6: The D-Day for Your Campaign

Finally, the day has come for you and your campaign to go live and reach maximum audience. Now you are ready to upload your listings on yahoo, Google & Bing. Before doing all of this, setup your accounts to measure the daily spending limit. Analyse keywords, testing URLs and reviewing copies for avoiding any mistakes. 

7: Monitoring Your Progress

You should continue monitoring your campaign’s progress and implement powerful techniques to be more effective in future. Monitoring campaigns can help you being successful in SEM campaigns. If you are looking to hire PPC company in Mumbai for your business, then Mediallianz is your one stop solution for all your needs. 


Above listed steps can help you form the base of your campaign and reaching more goals. Implementing all the marketing activities, you must measure success to see how you have performed in the past, as well as to identify the best strategies for better results.

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Posted on 2nd Sep 2020 - 10:00 am

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