Top 5 Ways to Reduce the Website Bounce Rate

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate

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Tolerating that your site has a high bounce rate is similar to tolerating that probably, your kid isn't the most attractive child in the schoolyard. Certainly, you think your little one is simply delightful (and to make sure we're clear, we're discussing your website now), yet when you head into Google Analytics to check the numbers, your bounce rate tells another story. 

Now, the Internet is a place where users are active every minute and with the use of the right SEO services company in mumbai.

But before start discussing the bounce rate, lets understand the what is bounce rate and how to reduce the bounce rate on any platforms.

Bounce Rate is characterized as the percentage of users that leave a page without any action, for example, tapping on a link, or making a purchase. High bounce rate is one of the most widely recognized conversion killers. 

If most of your clients are forsaking your site on the primary page, at that point you don't get an opportunity to convert them into endorsers or clients.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on website


1) Make Your Content More Accessible with Smart Formatting 

Ever navigated to a blog entry or page, just to find a huge, block of text? Provided that this is true, you definitely realize how bad influence it can have on the readers. 

Regardless of whether your content is inconceivably important and totally special, it won't make any difference if your readers are running away just with the thought of sinking into a sea of words.

To enhance the formatting of your content, follow these ways:

  • Apt use of Headings
  • Frequent use of Headings
  • Use of proper bullets
  • Adding images properly

Making use of these formatting way-outs make your content easily accessible and permits the user to skim your substance instantly to recognize points that are most relevant to them.

2) Optimizing Your Page Load Time

Out of all the problems causing the bounce rate to increase, website page load time is one of the main factors for increasing the bounce rate. 

When a user visits your website and the website does not get loaded properly, it can make the users interests fade away in no time. According to a study, 47% of online users expect the website page to load in less than 2 seconds. Before you even think of looking at the content of your website pages, you need to make sure the visitors are able to see it before time. 

We are in the situation where users don't wait to load website. If you managed to load the website faster then users will definitely stay on your website. 

3) Useful and Relevant Internal Linking Structure

Numerous individuals advocate for remembering many interior links in your content as an approach to decrease your bounce rate. 

Despite the fact that this system can work well, as it gives Analytics that basic second snap to precisely quantifies Time on Page, it can also backfire by making your content to look shabby or modest. 

Overdoing of internal linking can leave a bad impression on the users and can increase chances of high bounce rate. While choosing anchor text and internal linking, it should be relevant to the existing content and a logical internal linking strategy that can be created with the help of top-ranked SEO Company in Mumbai

Internal linking the best way to reduce bounce rate on website. being said that over internal linking will ruin the overall content strategy and increase the bounce rate. 

When question comes how to reduce the bounce rate on website always include internal linking to your bucket list.

4) Rework on Your Product Pages

If you are offering too much information on your product pages, it can overwhelm your customers. If the information is less, it can lower the conversion rate of your website. 

However, when you look at the opportunities for product optimization on the website’s pages, you might find a lot that will not only help you in decreasing the bounce rate but also increasing conversion rate. 

5) Optimizing for Mobiles

Optimizing your website for mobile is one of the important factors that can help reduce the bounce rate of a website. 

Launching a mobile-friendly website can be a difficult task, but it is crucial for the optimization of your website. Making your website mobile-friendly, regardless of the time, effort and expenses involved, it should be your first priority to add mobile optimization to the website.

The above techniques will help reduce the bounce rate on website.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on blog:


User Experience:

User experience is something when users land on your page and how they behave on your website. When it comes to user experience is when users find the website not only easy but also pleasant.

A better user experience means better traffic and a better bounce rate.

Optimize your call to action placements:

Suppose users land on your website and scrolling down and reading the content. Sometimes it happens that users close the window because he thinks content is not valuable to him. At the moment, we can show them a clear call to action button in the form of a pop of in the middle of the page.  

Misleading the users could impact the higher bounce rate. So include clear call to action button on your website

Use Video in your blog for engagement

As we all know that videos are impacting more as compared to content. People love to see videos than content. As per the recent study, users consume 83% percent for video content than normal content.

Video helps in reducing the bounce rate. If you put quality video with the proper explanation, that could reduce the bounce rate. 

Use high quality image in between the content:

Image content is the most power tool stay users on your website. Image is the another effective tool that helps in to reduce the bounce rate.

Use high quality image, background image, infographics and more on your blogs. 

Content Strategy: 

Make sure your content strategy is strong enough to I'm,press your users instantly. Always write comprehghensive content that should include each and everything.

If you really want your users to be stay on the website, then share the quality content. It is not necessary that content should be in the form of paragraph and all. You can use image, videos, case study, infographics and more.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in Wordpress:


There are several ways to reduce the bounce rate on wordpress site. 

Structure Your Content Wisely

There are a lot things you can do to reduce the boune rate.  The first and very important thing is your blog post headings and sub headings. Your heading should come under h1 and sub heading should come under H2. Generally there are 6 heading that we can use to optimize our page. 

if possible make short paragraph so that users don't get panic while reading the content.  

Make Your Site Easy Navigate:

One of the most important factors that contributing in increasing bounce rat is navigation.

If users are having hard time to move from Place A to place B. Then It's obvious for increasing bunce rate.

Site navigation is not easy and you can not do it within one or 2 days. It will take time. 

Always put the important link on your site navigation don't need to put all links. if you do this, then you will ruin your website over all structure and that could leads to higher bounce rate.

We have already shared how to reduce the bounce rate strategy for beginners on the top.


Your brand image is the tip of the iceberg, which consumers are able to see and engage with. By hiring professional SEO services in Mumbai, you can work on anything and everything that takes to manage a website. Reduce your website bounce rate with these effective tips and enhance your business leads and profit in no time.

If you want to Reduce the Bounce Rate for your website, call us today on +91 9324370476 or e-mail at


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