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How YouTube Marketing Helps Your Business

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YouTube is used by a billion people in the world. The staggering statistic itself proves how mighty the video hosting platform has become. You might have watched an entertaining video and just now realized that you too use the platform daily. Another report from Hubspot informs that 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis and 59% of corporate executives prefer watching videos than reading a text message. 

This leads to another valid point that drives the need for YouTube marketing by businesses, which is video consumption. This should be enough to convince you to learn YouTube marketing.

Videos have become the most loved form of content. Millennial and professionals find video content more engaging, interactive, useful and easy to consume. Just tune into other social media platforms like Facebook for example and video content is ruling the roost. There are many success stories of start ups and brands which have leveraged only the power of the YouTube channel to promote their business and achieved great growth. It is possible because your customer is on YouTube. 

If you are into F&B or FMCG, the emotional connect with people using a video is immensely successful. If you are into education, YouTube is a booming space for tutorials and practical learning sessions. Since the commercial advertisement is a costly affair, many prefer to make their own creative ads and upload on YouTube. Big brands have started to realize the importance of YouTube. They are investing in this space now to capture the market. 

To be honest YouTube Marketing is just a big game in the market trends. People from various industries are giving priorities to YouTube. YouTube helps business to generate sales and leads instant basis. The main goal of YouTube is to send your customers to social channels or website. There are lot more digital marketing agency in Andheri, Mumbai who can help you to get maximum ROI with minimum budget.

Another exciting feature of the YouTube platform is that videos can go viral. Viral marketing used by several brands can be a game changer. It maximizes the audience reach and takes your brand message to all corners of the world. Many a time it has turned a start up into a unicorn business. Take for instance the case of Dollar Shave Club Company.

 An in-house made video went viral and captured the interest of common people. Their product – razor was promoted in the quirkiest form possible. Creativity and messaging were perfect as well. What was the result? Today it is a billion dollar company. Simply incredible, isn’t it? That’s the power of viral videos and what better platform to use than YouTube. 

A well planned YouTube channel must provide consistently creative video that can engage users every time. This is the reason why good content always wins. Invest time to understand what the customers like and appeal to their senses with a remarkable video content campaign. Remain active on YouTube and gauge what kind of conversations is made by your targeted audience. 

The comment section is a great way to know the mood of the audience. Interacting with them personally is a great way to build relationships. You can collaborate with other YouTube professionals and channel owners, consistently like and share valuable content for the user; all these strategies will make you popular and an authority in the field. 

YouTube also offers optimizing opportunities. Make sure the title and descriptions include keywords searched by users. Optimizing it according to the SEO goals set is also possible. It can be a great platform to drive traffic to the website.

 This is possible by the right usage of Call to Action buttons. Moreover, YouTube have analytics feature which enables you to see who is watching, how long they are watching, device information and so on. This can be used to retarget audience and optimize your strategy as well. Additionally, you can run ads on YouTube to promote your brand, products and services. 

Using YouTube for your business is the best decision you can make today. Mediallianz is one of the leading digital marketing, media and YouTube marketing company in Mumbai. Contact us for more information.

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Posted on 11th Jun 2020 - 10:00 am

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