Technique to optimize your email marketing campaign

Top 5 Techniques To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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There are over a million email users in India alone. All corporates still use email for business communication and therefore email marketing is one of the important channels in the digital marketing ecosystem. Every year, email marketing services see new trends and latest technologies. It is important that brands should blend these into the overall strategy for better results.  After all, as reports suggest, email campaigns give the best ROI even today.

So, let’ dive in and find the top 5 techniques to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Email Personalization & Much More

You can ask any 21st century marketer the question - what factor influence customers the most? And the answer would be a personalized, relatable and unique message. It is the same when it comes to email marketing. One of the best techniques to boost email based returns is brand story telling. Connect emotionally with your customer through personalized content. That’s not the end of the story. There are many ways you can engage and interact with them and keep them interested in your brand. It includes social media integration. Yes, let them know what is your vision and passion and social presence. This will eventually support both email as well as social media marketing. 

Animation and Videos

Gone are the days when email used to contain only the text. Make an impact with well made animations which can give away the information in engaging ways. Sometimes the uniqueness of the animation will push the customer to click on the link and look for more such content. What about videos? Well, they are the most consumed form of content in the world today. Using this strategy is a smart way to build a lasting relationship with prospective clients and your loyal customer base.

Technical Insight

The above-mentioned points leaned more towards the customer side. What about the technical side? Well, the best techniques to optimize email marketing should begin with Headers. A header which is the first thing customers see should be startling and appealing. This will improve three things - Open rate, Click rate and Conversion rate. Many experts who provide email marketing services believe that open rates are a good measure of how your email campaigns are working. 

Along with stunning headers, Call To Action should be your priority. The designs can be attractive. Content should be in the first person and quickly connect with the customers. You can always test and experiment with CTA’s and headers. Eventually, the analytics will help you understand what’s performing best and what’s not. You get this right and the ultimate goal of clicks is achieved. Leads are an important part of every email strategy. Focus on improving all these elements and sales can increase. 

Update Email List Regularly

How much you use all these optimization factors, appealing design and content, let’s face it, few customers would not be interested. It is important to seek these folks and removing them from the email list is important. Merely to keep the numbers up is not an option.  Therefore, always update email list by removing uninterested people.

Another way to handle this is to get customer feedback. A well intentioned email asking if they are getting value from your emails and would they like to continue is the appropriate way to go. 

Mobile Optimization

All digital marketing and email marketing professionals single out mobile optimization as the major factor in the near future. More people are using smartphones than ever before. Therefore, optimize email campaigns, designs and content for the mobile generation and you will surely see positive results. 

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Posted on 1st Jun 2020 - 1:00 am

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