Profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

Profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

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2021 has arrived with a sign of positivity, not because of COVID, but for the emerging technological trends, especially in the digital marketing industry, which all in all makes it a reason to be excited this year. As 2020 ended, many businesses were counting their losses and some started to re-strategize for the upcoming year. 

Is your brand pushing itself to the limits to boost your brand awareness? Is your business lacking somewhere on the strategy invention part? Do you want to tap into the latest social media marketing strategies? Let’s dive into top profitable strategies from Social media marketing agency in Mumbai that can help you overcome your upcoming challenges:

1) Instagram Visibility is driven by SEO

With regards to preparing for 2021, particularly with Instagram promotion, there are two things that all advertisers should use: SEO and Reels. 

Instagram is more user-friendly than any other social media platform. Without the use of the right hashtags, if you search for any specific product, a particular thing in the search bar, relevant items would be visible to you. 

This is a game-changing aspect for users as it increases the chances of more reach on posts. Captions should include the relevant keyword that helps Instagram to identify relevant content in your posts. 

This social media platform drives users to your content based on the consistency of your posts as per the niche. 

For example, if you run a dog training business, you might want to focus on posting relevant content related to dogs, pets and avoid content that can divert your potential customers. 

If you don't have a clear idea about where to begin, we recommend you use what's now working. 

You don't have to waste time; you simply need to expand on what's as of now working on another platform.

2) Local Businesses shift to online shops on Instagram & Facebook

Many local businesses have shifted their presence from physical to online as the number of internet users is increasing day by day. 

The real motive behind shifting to contactless shopping is to bring more users via creating a presence online. 

Online shops give a whole new level to the shopping experience. If your website is loading slowly, it can leave a bad user experience and might not get converted. 

3) Brands should make it personal 

Smart organizations already know that being straightforward, true, and even being powerless is a smart marketing technique in 2021. 

Individuals connect with individuals. This implies the brand ought to be embodied in a manner that uncovers who they represent and what it is representing. 

4) Influencer driven content and Live-streaming

In 2020, during lockdown people were not allowed to go out of their homes so they moved their focus to online channels. 

Socializing with friends and family was not normal anymore, when suddenly live streaming took a high jump, whether the content belonged to their favourite celebrity, singer, or any random talk. 

This was the time when Influencer marketing took a big turn and businesses started switching to promotion through Influencers. 

With the help of Influencer marketing, a lot of people’s trust can be gained, as users follow what their favourite celebrity is already doing. 

5) User-generated content to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience has never been more important. Consumers want to experience good things with brands that are easy and memorable. 

Customers need evidence before they make a buying decision and in the end, they want to be assured - after all, no one wants to make the wrong decision.

User-generated content (UGC) stands out amongst all when it comes to connecting emotions with content:

  • It builds and strengthens communities
  • It’s relatable and uplifting
  • It enables brands to meet customers where they’re already hanging out

UGC has been considered as an effective way-out for brands to maintain relationships with their customers, and this will be a trending theme in 2021 as well. 

6) Uplifting Visual and voice search

A large number of customers are looking for searches via voice-enacted devices like Alexa. 

Maybe that is because individuals have been stuck at home, with restricted freedoms for discussion, or maybe it's essentially because this kind of innovation is easily accessible.

In any case, it's not a simple voice search that will be winning in 2021 - we can likewise anticipate that other creative search methods should ascend to the top, like visual search. 

Throughout the following year, visuals will turn out to be progressively significant in the SEO game. 

7) LinkedIn Marketing Behaviour Changes

LinkedIn is right now tormented by mass-outreach spam, which is making individuals more reluctant about associating and all the more effortlessly irritated by an attempt to sell something. Effort spam ruins connections and reputations however genuine connections construct them.

In 2021, advertisers will need to concentrate on building connections as opposed to gathering associations whose sole intention is to drop their pitch into the other person’s court. Genuine 1:1 associations start when the connection request is sent without any intention of selling your deal to the other person. 

The affordable social media marketing packages in Mumbai will help you in saving a lot on your marketing budget and invest energy into building important, long-term connections on LinkedIn that aren't seen as value-based.

8) Connecting Youtube with Real Emotions

Online business is doing wonders in the industry and YouTube is no exception. Many new and fresh channels are seeing exponential growth over time. Crafting your content and putting everything into your YouTube channel from the beginning will be easier to attract followers and subscribers. 


The unpredictable idea of 2020 has constrained brands to take some time to consider how they communicate with their clients. 

Closed businesses and stay-at-home requests implied individuals were stuck inside, which likewise implied that they were investing much more energy online. This has pushed brands to fan out and make more human-driven methods of arriving at their consumers. 

The above-mentioned strategies and facts for Social media marketing will surely help you reach your final decision of implementing social media in your marketing strategies. 

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