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Top 5 Reasons Why Business Needs Google ads ( Pay Per Click)

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Google is one of the most used search engines in the online world. Billions and billions of searches are made with a click of the mouse and millions find the answer to their queries online using Google. Therefore when we narrow down the top PPC campaign platforms for businesses, Google Ads stands out and it is the most preferred advertisement platform for all. Scores of businesses are using PPC management agency in Mumbai to raise the bar of growth and profits. 

In 2020, does your business need to use Google Ads? Of course, you do, without an iota of doubt. So, what are some of the benefits for business with Google Ads and the top 5 reasons why you should implement a terrific Ads strategy for remarkable success? Let’s dive in and find out.

1) Google is a giant when it comes to search engine marketing. And therefore search engine marketers love exploring and utilizing the Ads platform to run effective campaigns with valuable advertisement and engaging content for users. The extensive reach of Google and its partners in the PPC field is amazing. 

This can be ably used to take your brand and brand message to all corners of the world. Brand, irrespective of being a start-up or a big name must invest in Ads to explore this massive opportunity to reach their audience and make big gains. 

2) One of the major ways Google Ads helps you is by maximizing brand awareness. If you are new to the market and want the unique selling points of your product and services to reach all over the world, just run ad campaigns on Google. All you need is to search for the important keywords which have high, medium, and low search volumes. Then, create ads targeting all the keywords. 

Engaging content with keywords can be used. Make sure that the content contains exactly what the customer is searching for online. 

The smart use of PPC campaigns can give you top results as it is different from organic search and appears above the organic results. This will increase the click rate and traffic to the landing page or the website as well. 

3) One of the other highlights of Google Ads is an efficient mechanism and exciting data to target the right audience. This is possible because the performance of PPC campaigns can be measured. 

The data like demography, age group, interests, etc. and other simple but relevant information regarding clicks, impression rates, conversion rates; all can be measured and available at your fingertip.

Consequently, conversions are much more easily using Ads campaigns. Since people find what they are looking for at the top of the results, it increases the click rate leading to conversions. Since the conversion of leads is the ultimate goal of any business, it is followed by profits and gains. 

4) The power of Google Ads lies in the unique feature of controlling the budget for campaigns. A large sum of money is indeed used to run ad campaigns. But at the same time, you can completely control campaigns and stop or restart them according to their performance. 

This is one of the best ways to beat competitors. Currently, the Ads platform is filled with fierce competition. Therefore, you can leverage PPC services in Mumbai to get the best results. 

5) Other than the reasons mentioned above, reporting of the Ads campaign is relatively easy. Plus, one of the distinct advantages of PPC campaigns is the quick results much faster than SEO. Here are a few more tips to use PPC effectively:-

You can use long-tail keywords and phrases which are commonly used by an internet user. Experts predict that voice search is going to be the next big thing. So, optimize ads for voice search. Use question type of content for better engagement. 

Also, you can use CTA’s in the ads so that the user can directly contact you. Also, optimize PPC campaigns especially for mobile.

Run profitable PPC campaigns or Google Ads with Mediallianz, one of the leading digital marketing and media companies in Mumbai. Talk to our experts for more information on how we can help you. 

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By - Team Mediallianz
Posted on 1st Sep 2020 - 10:00 am

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