Creative Development in Digital Marketing

Understanding Creative Development in Digital Marketing

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“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”, said one of the well-known management consultants by the name Peter F. Drucker. He is considered as the father of management thinking. Speak about this quote to any creative agency in India and they will certainly agree. What about digital marketing?

Why do Brands need to be Creative?

There is increasing competition among the brands to capture the market in the digital platforms. The audience is consuming a lot of online content in different forms. 

There is almost no dearth of online and social media campaigns rolled out every month. The single purpose is to grab as many eyeballs as possible. Then, who is successfully leveraging these platforms? How they are able to do it better than others? The answer lies in creativity. 

It leads to innovations, new ideas, and the use of the latest tools that make brands, companies, and businesses stand out. Thus, it is quite true that creativity is at the heart of every successful campaign executed in the field of digital marketing as well. 

Many people often think creativity is limited to entertainment, creative artist agencies, art, etc. Even within digital marketing, many believe that creativity is applicable to design or social media platforms. 

But it is not entirely true. Let’s look at how creative development in many components of digital marketing is important and at the same time a must to boost business growth and success. 

Brand Building

Being unique in your branding message is one of the clichés of marketing. For example, you have a shoe company. The problem here is how can you sell your shoe when there are hundreds and thousands there already in the market? This is where a brand new proposition must be offered to the audience with a unique brand-building strategy

Creativity which leads to transformation is a must if you want your shoe to sell like hotcakes. Best Creative agencies in India like Mediallianz always prioritize creativity. This is how clients always stand out and become profitable with us.

Business Transformation

Creativity can break the monotony of an already established brand. For example, your shoe company may be making use of digital platforms for the last 10 -15 years. 

Now in a decade and a half, your customer or target audience must have changed. Their behavior and interest must have changed as well. So, what would you do? 

Presenting your brand as refreshingly new is important. Revitalizing brand theme and undertaking a complete business transformation is essential to make big gains consistently. 

All brands who have successfully done this in the past used creativity. The creative approach is a must every time. This makes you relevant to your customer. 

Industry Leaders

Today, for any business to survive and become an industry leader in the digital ecosystem, consistent reinvention has become a necessity. What worked for Facebook 5 years ago will not entice or appeal to your audience. The content strategy which brought you conversions on Google Ads will not work now. 

Similarly what works today may not be as valuable tomorrow. Creative leadership and creative brains around can always keep businesses ahead. 

Reduced Attention Span 

The attention span of people has considerably reduced in the past decade or so. As per experts, it is going to be shorter and shorter. Customer is constantly changing mediums to consume content. You, as a brand have just seconds to capture the attention of the customer. 

Those brands that are creative can turn this crisis into opportunity. The content is now developed in such a way that customer is engaged instantly excluding all the extras. Valuable information is provided in bits and pieces combined with engaging visuals. 

Moreover, personalized messaging is the latest trend.

Creativity in Digital Marketing

 Along with social media platforms, Google Ads, content marketing mentioned before, all the other components like email, landing page, websites, mobile marketing, banner ads, SEO strategy needs to be optimized creatively so that brands can be distinct and give something new or an amazing experience to the customer. 

The latest technologies are now available to boost creativity and at the same time use them creatively to help brands be unique in every way possible. 


Creativity rules the world and drives innovations. Learn the role of creativity in digital marketing strategies and how it can help brands outsmart the competition and be at the top always.

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Posted on 29th Sep 2020 - 6:34 pm

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