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How To Keep Your Digital Marketing Consistent During COVID-19 Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertain times for most of the businesses. With lockdown measures and social distancing in place for more than two months, companies across verticals were either shut down or operated partially with less force. 

You might be a big brand at a posh location in Mumbai or a Start-up trying to make it big, you must have hired a digital marketing company in Mumbai to attract online business. In such unprecedented times, how do you plan to keep your digital marketing campaigns consistent? It is an important question that requires some valuable answers. This blog will give you a comprehensive answer on what to do and what not to do with your digital marketing plans during COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Work Up Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Yes, that’s right. During this lockdown phase of business, the best thing to do is to work up the Search Engine Optimization strategy for your brand. You know how SEO works. It takes time and various factors contribute to improving website traffic, keywords rankings, and so on. Put your energy on optimizing website pages, improve page speed, and restructure the navigation menu in accordance with your SEO goals. It is a great time to revisit the keyword trends on the web and create content that can be utilized accordingly. You can use analytics to gauge what’s trending online, the user behavior, and interests as well. Put in place a long term strategy so that once we are out of the COVID-19 phase, your SEO rankings may still be up there. 

Also, many competitors might be losing steam in this direction. Therefore, it is a great chance to be persistent with SEO and gain an unfair advantage over competitors in the future. 

Be Careful With Your Social Media Message 

Social media marketing needs a whole different thought process altogether. Marketing has always revolved around customers and it ought to be so during this phase as well. People might not wish to see the regular social media advertising campaigns pushing their brand message fiercely. Any offensive or negative messaging will greatly impact the image of the brand. Note that this is what you shouldn’t be doing during COVID-19 lockdown. 

If your campaigns are already set for the month, take a pause, reassess your priorities, take a relook on the content, and thereafter proceed. Make your social media posts and campaigns revolve around topics like how to fight Coronavirus and emotions like togetherness, motivation, positivity, cheering the corona warriors so on and so forth. Give extra focus on the language and tonality. Many well-known brands have utilized this strategy to maintain a connection with their audience. Remember, it is indeed a deep human crisis and therefore compassion and genuine care for others will go a long way to help brands and customers alike. 

Act Dynamically With Digital Advertising Trends

Digital advertising is as important as ever for your brand. In fact, several experts have suggested that it is an opportune time to invest in the digital advertisement if you haven’t already. Many businesses have their physical locations closed and traditional marketing paused, not digital marketing. This compelled transformation can help brands to increase their online presence with better spending on digital.

Before your competitor gains a foothold in the digital world, you can maximize your audience reach, run ads promoting brand message, products, and services and also tap into the new audience. It is important to realize that people all around the world are spending more time than ever online. Therefore, you can get their attention through smart content, strategically placed ads, and a consistent spending plan as per your objective. 

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Posted on 29th May 2020 - 11:00 am

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