Top 10 Tips to Increase Instagram followers

Top 10 Tips to Increase Instagram followers

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Instagram is ranked as the second topmost social media networking platform with a follower count of more than one billion users. It has become a foundation for many businesses’ social presence, driving profitable traffic to landing pages, generating conversions, and building an engaged audience. 

Instagram rapidly grew out of its initial introduction as a fun application for kids and has become genuine digital marketing, selling, and crowd building instruments for people and brands. It's one of the most famous informal communication locales on the planet, with more than 200 million dynamic month to month individuals sharing 60 million pictures and 1.6 billion preferences for each day. Hiring a social media marketing agency for Instagram marketing can prove to be a wise decision for you, as it can help in business expansion. 

Now that you have an Instagram account but increasing followers is whole another task for you or anyone who is operating their social media solely. Here are a few tips for you to increase your real Instagram followers:

1) Using relevant hashtags:

When it comes to writing captions for your Instagram post, you should blend in the generic content & hashtags part. Try to use a mixture of hashtags that your competitors are already working on. And also, do not the stuff in your captions with hashtags, which means using 8-10 right hashtags is apt for your content.

2) The Perfect Bio:

Adding fresh links to your content every week or bi-weekly can help you in gaining traction. For example, If you have a new YouTube video uploaded on your channel, you can add that specific link in your Instagram bio and the point is, it is clickable. That means there are 60-70% chances of a person visiting your YouTube video through your Instagram profile.

3) Cross-promotion of Dedicated Hashtags:

Meanwhile, your brand has a particular hashtag that you have been using in every post. But how they can be aware of it and how they would start using those hashtags in their photos? Taking Hashtag game offline can help in promoting the actual hashtags of your business.

4) Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos:

Once a business is established as a renowned brand, nobody would want to keep irrelevant content in their profile. Keeping user-generated content is the only agenda once you gain a good range of followers. It can easily be hidden from the profile or tags can be removed.

5) Get Vocal for Local:

Keep yourself updated with what’s going on around your nearby locations and how it can be helpful to you and your business. Search the name of the place which you are located, to see all the geotagged photos.

6) Don’t Forget Your CTA:

Everyone has a different style of writing the captions and engaging the audience in that content. Instagram is a social media platform for communication; you need to decide what actions should be taken by the audience on your posts. Choose your call-to-action wisely!

7) Try Different Filters:

The more innovative, unique, and enrapturing your photographs are, the more probable individuals are to share and follow your account on Instagram. Just because you are a typical business, does not mean at all that you can’t play with filters. Make your Instagram more colorful and vibrant.

8) Gain Insights with Instagram Analytics:

With a professional account on Instagram, analytics can be viewed and helps in knowing when your audience is most active. It also gives you data related to age, gender, location breakdown of your niche audience, and what they liked the most in your content. 

9) Tag People:

Another approach to be found by individuals who aren't following you is to tag specific or famous people so you appear in their tagged stories. It will help you in gaining followers as well as leads.

10) Post Consistency:

The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get. Consistency is very important with your social media profiles. The audience wants to see relevant and consistent content every once in a while. Try putting in your efforts and this can help you in gaining a list of followers. 


Even if there is a long list of followers on your Instagram profile, if it is not reaching the right audience to hire your services or buy your product, it’s of no use. Start building your online presence up by hiring the right social media marketing company in Mumbai and get more Instagram followers.

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Posted on 19th Sep 2020 - 10:00 am

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